Month: October 2010

Orion’s Police Horse Training

We spent the last weekend at a two day workshop where the instructor, Jim Barrett of Police Horse Pros employed the training techniques used to desensitize horse for mounted police work to despook civilian mount. These techniques include ground work, formation drills,  and sensory training where scary objects, sounds and actions are gradually introduced to the horses and…

Jupiter Keeps Improving

Since the last update I have ridding Jupiter several times as well as doing ground worth with him. Each time he becomes more responsive to cues and lighter to the touch. He is cantering stronger, more balanced and for longer periods of time before tiring. He is also quicker to pick up the requested gate….

Jupiter Progress

It has been a very positive time since our last update on Jupiter’s progress. Since then he has been introduced to and accepted a snaffle bit and has been ridden in the arena a few times. His weight is betters but he is still getting in shape. Our work in the arena has be quite…