So Nancy, Raina and I loaded up Orion, Curly and Zephyr and hauled up to Lily Glen Horse Camp on Sunday. There we met up with three other ladies for a day of trail riding.

Curly is an old hand at the trail thing, so it was Orion and Zephyr I was interested in seeing how they handled the challenges of trail ridding. What I did not take into consideration is we would be riding with crazy people who think a 4 hour loop is a nice manageable ride. ;>

While the horses showed themselves more than ready for the challenge, today I am one very sore person. That was 4 hours of up and down and around and over. My muscles are certainly letting me know that I was not quite fit enough to pull that off without consequences.

All in all, a fun time.  All the horses did really well and there were no surprises.  We even trotted some of it, in Orion’s case cantered. ;>

Going to have make that haul again soon, before the weather turns nasty.